Monday, 5 November 2012


i turned 18
i had a party and we went to the swing park whilst drunk on cocktails and cheesecake
phoebe, katie and i went to amsterdam and stayed in the cutest hotel and there was a kitty in the apartment across from us
we dined in gay bars with hot boiz in bondage on the walls
we ate a lot of bagels
i went to kendal calling
with my beautiful pals
holly's the cutest int she
i wore a du-rag
and rapped in public....
we said goodbye to ruth, got really high in the park and ate pasta bake
i admired some sunsets
cute right
i went to some fun parties. niall got stoned and curled up in the corner with these doritos
insanely fun parties #lolz
madeleine went to berlin on her own for a week and got a sweet tat
katie had a garden party with a cocktail bar and kirsty looked perfect
lauren bowling at pheebs' 19th
we also went on the dance mats cos we are sophisticated women
i went partying in manchester in freshers week with my cousin, i am a ghost
gina and luke throwing some shapez~
and azealia banks killin it!!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

summer n shit

pheebs n a solero road trip katie admiring the scenery swimmin girl gang bowness looking cute chips cheese n gravy

Thursday, 10 May 2012

uhhhh kinda forgot i had this!
here are some pictures that i've taken in the past 2 years on disposable cameras
(bloody hell 2 years? i really did forget about this)
ellen eating noodles at kendal calling 2010
someone going a bit mad at kendal calling 2010
jersey with my mum and brother
bekah and i being a cute couple
i got rid of the red hair
abby flashed her cockpit knickers at me
and i went ginger
i went blonde for a bit too
i saw quite a few bands (this is tom from pulled apart by horses)
♥ i went pink!! ♥
spent a lot of time with some dude called aaron
brandon dancing with elizabeth from summer camp!
kendal calling 2011 looking nice (3rd year running)
pretending to be gwen stefani
florencing, obvs
kirsty in a sexy sasha grey t-shirt
dreamy leeds fest 2011
i got flashed by holly too, lovely way to bring in 2012
she dressed up as maggie thatcher for her horrible histories themed 18th
charlotte and leah looking how everyone should look in a club: distressed and slightly pissed off