Monday, 5 November 2012


i turned 18
i had a party and we went to the swing park whilst drunk on cocktails and cheesecake
phoebe, katie and i went to amsterdam and stayed in the cutest hotel and there was a kitty in the apartment across from us
we dined in gay bars with hot boiz in bondage on the walls
we ate a lot of bagels
i went to kendal calling
with my beautiful pals
holly's the cutest int she
i wore a du-rag
and rapped in public....
we said goodbye to ruth, got really high in the park and ate pasta bake
i admired some sunsets
cute right
i went to some fun parties. niall got stoned and curled up in the corner with these doritos
insanely fun parties #lolz
madeleine went to berlin on her own for a week and got a sweet tat
katie had a garden party with a cocktail bar and kirsty looked perfect
lauren bowling at pheebs' 19th
we also went on the dance mats cos we are sophisticated women
i went partying in manchester in freshers week with my cousin, i am a ghost
gina and luke throwing some shapez~
and azealia banks killin it!!

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